Promotional Page

Buying MTG Singles Reward

Spend in multiples of $50 cash in one transaction on MTG singles and get some sweet instant gratification!

Spend $50 on MTG singles and get a free promo card*

Spend $100 on MTG singles and upgrade to a free Promo Pack!

Spend $150 and upgrade to a free Foil Pack!

Just keep repeating this process for every $50 spent in a single transaction!

The only limit is how many MTG singles the shop has for purchase.

*Obviously some promo cards, like those for an upcoming tournament / championship cannot be obtained in this way.

Bring a friend

Bring a friend into any paid for sanction event and you will receive a free promo pack! More you bring, the more free promo packs you get!

And, if your friend is brand new to magic, they will receive a free welcome pack!

*Allan, please add details.